Justice and the Practice of Law: Does justice matter?

Does justice matter to this lawyer?  Why do I practice law?  While I can’t speak for other attorneys, I feel compelled to speak out in these trying political times.  “YES” is my answer to the question of whether justice matters.   I became a lawyer many years ago because I wanted to work for justice.  Having worked in the public, private and government sectors, I am less idealistic than I was, but remain committed to both the ideals of justice for all and the true pursuit of justice.

Those who know me know that I speak my mind and tell my clients and my friends the truth.  While sugar-coating may help the pill go down, it does not help you plan your next steps.   A potential client may choose to hire someone else because of my political beliefs.  That’s ok.  To maintain a great relationship with my clients, I let them know who I am and what I believe.  We don’t have to agree on everything, but we do have to trust one another.  As my client, you have put your trust in me, and rely on my unbiased assessment of your legal issues.  I always strive to deliver my best educated assessment to my clients.  That includes letting folks know if they are acting in a discriminatory manner.  If you don’t speak up for what you believe in and act in a manner true to your beliefs, then you aren’t walking the talk. Whether you are a small business owner or employee trying to fight for what’s right, know that this lawyer fervently believes in justice.  I remain hopeful that the third branch of our government, the judiciary, will keep the scale of justice in balance and democracy alive.