Employment Law

Facing unfair treatment from your employer is difficult.  Is it illegal? Have you been subject to a hostile work environment? Denied accommodations? Discriminated against based on age, sex, gender identity, race, religion or veteran status?  Do you have a legal remedy? Alleviate the stress of the unknown by learning the applicable law and what strategies are available to you. Some issues to consider:

1. Do you have a non-compete? Is it enforceable?
2. Do you have a Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA)?  Are you meeting with someone about your business or a potential product, and are you concerned about secrecy? Consider an NDA, either one-sided or mutual.

3. Severance. Do you need a severance agreement or need one reviewed?

4. Termination. Were you let go from your job?  Are you concerned that there your employer treated you unfairly or made the workplace intolerable for you to work there? Sexual harassment and employment discrimination are illegal, and we can help you understand the employment laws in Washington state as they apply to you.

5. Are you considering becoming an independent contractor or an employee? What is the difference?

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