Keep Company Legally Protected: Check Corporate Filings are Current

You or a lawyer on your behalf filed your corporate paperwork with the WA Secretary of State. You are a validly established business in WA with an EIN number. What about those notices you get from the State? DO NOT IGNORE THEM! Registration with the State is yearly, and a failure to renew may mean your company has been dissolved and is not legally protected. Just because you pay your B&O tax doesn’t mean that you have complied with your corporate registration. Paying taxes is separate from complying with corporate registration laws. Whether you are an LLC, S corp, C corp, or something else, you need to renew annually.
The solution: If you are your own registered agent with the State, and tend to delete emails, consider appointing your attorney or another as your registered agent. If not, be sure to request electronic reminders from the State. If your license to do businesses lapses, you could be personally liable for any damages caused by your business. Protect yourself and your assets.