Internet Law & Social Media

Do you use social media in your business? Social media is a great and necessary way to promote your business. But, like other forms of communication, rules and regulations regarding internet law apply. The FTC is vigilant in enforcing internet laws. Do you undestand these laws as they apply to you?

Do you have a social media policy for your small business? Does it cover all the basics? Are any of your policies impinging your employees’ free speech rights?

Are you thinking about running a sweepstakes or a contest? Would you like to run it through your Facebook account? Certain disclaimers are required. Is your contest free or is there a cost? Be sure that your contest isn’t a lottery, which is illegal if it is privately run. Find out the limitations on age and geography you should consider, and fully understand applicable internet laws prior to posting your contest.

Karen has substantial legal social media experience, and she is a frequent speaker on social media issues.  We can help you craft a solid social media policy and advise you on the contest/sweepstakes rules to consider. Understand the risks and rewards of internet laws as they apply to social media to ensure you’re in compliance with current regulations.

Some legal issues to consider:
1. Ownership of your content.
2. Be aware of what others post on your site or blog.
3. Are you advertising when you market? Is your message truthful? Accurate? Clear?
4. Are you using yours and others’ trademarks properly?
5. Is your contest or sweepstakes a lottery?
6. Terms of Use and Privacy Policies: are they current?