Advertising & Marketing

How do you market your product or service? Whether you are advertising on the web or in retail stores, or both, you need to consider the business law issues surrounding advertising and marketing.

Here are a few legal issues to consider:

1. Do you have a legal agreement with a partner or vendor or third-party distributor? Do you have someone with business law experience writing your agreements for you?  Who is reviewing your contract?

2. Do you have a product? If so, who is writing the copy on the packaging or for your advertising? Does it comply with the current business laws? Have you written clear, conspicuous legal disclaimers that are both factual and accurate? How far can you go when you compare your product to your competitor’s?  What can you promote on Facebook?

3. Thinking about running a contest or sweepstakes to promote your product? What are the rules? Is there a geographic limit or age limit to consider when holding such promotions?  Be sure you are not running a lottery, which is illegal in most instances.

4. Are you complying with the CAN-SPAM rules in sending out emails?

Please call us for a legal consultation as you prepare for the advertising and marketing of your new business, and we’ll make sure you’re in compliance with the written business laws.